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What things to Text A Lady After You’ve Become Intimate

In this episode, We answer the relevant concern: exactly just just What can you text a female you’ve simply slept with?

Masculinity for the Smart Guy. I will be David Tian, Ph.D., and also this is: guy Up.

Fine, welcome to episode 14. We’ve got another concern from Matthew. It’s a quickie: exactly what does a genuine man text up to a girl he’s simply slept because of the morning that is next?

Scenario A, he wants to again see her.

Situation B, most likely does not desire to see her once more but he does not wish to be a bag that is douche simply not text her again. Many Thanks. Okay, cool. That’s a pretty straight forward question: exactly What should you text a female you simply slept with in the event that you don’t like the girl in the event that you like her.

In the event that you like her, should you want to see her again – actually in the event that you’ve simply slept with one another also it’s the next morning one of the better things to do is simply to solidify that connection. One of several worst emotions a lady gets – if you provided her a good time during sex and also you linked and all sorts of that material, in the event that you don’t want her to feel bad as to what just occurred – just don’t treat her just like a prostitute. Read more →