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Now and then: What a Post-COVID World May Bring for Libraries

Around the globe, collection and information employees are performing their best, both really and skillfully, to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even while some libraries are – cautiously – just starting to loosen restrictions, other people are seeing them come right into spot.

Obviously, the main focus is in the short term – how to keep staff, patrons secure, how exactly to keep providing services as most effective, how exactly to handle doubt. For several, it’s going to appear tough to think also beyond the days that are coming.

During the time that is same its currently clear that this can be a historic minute, with unprecedented actions being taken by governments, organizations and folks. They are having an enormous effect on the current, but think about the long run? As to what degree will that which we are experiencing today maybe perhaps not simply ‘be’ history, but instead ‘make’ it?

This website aims to determine ten developments we’re today that is seeing and explore what they may suggest with regards to styles shaping the ongoing future of libraries. It is really not – and cannot be – exhaustive, and undoubtedly may be enhanced. We welcome your thinking.

1) limitations on movement have considerably transformed our lives – will we return to normal?

Limitations on where we could get, exactly exactly how sufficient reason for who are affecting a massive share for the worldwide populace. For a level that is personal folks have been held from relatives and buddies, including at hard moments. Lots of people are unable to work, and face a loss in livelihood that, according to if they can get help from somewhere else, could show critical. Read more →